Body Wraps
First you are measured prior to being wrapped. Then our trained Wrap Technicians will wrap you from head to toe with bandages that are specially soaked in the exclusive mineral wrap solution. After an hour, you are unwrapped and then re-measured. We guarantee that you will look at least 6 inches slimmer on your very first wrap, or your next wrap is FREE. This mineral solution has been in continuous use for over 35 years, and used in over nine million wraps to date.

The Slender Tone Body Wrap - Aging is accelerated by the accumulation of metabolic wastes and environmental poisons which cause lack of energy, wrinkles, cellulite and crepe skin. Looking younger is possible by simply freeing the body of this life long buildup. While you are removing inches from your body, losing a double chin and tightening your skin with our body wrap, you are also cleansing these unwanted materials and removing years from your apparent age.

The Power Body Wrap -Obtains better inch-loss through the torso, smoothes the skin in a silky satin finish, and leaves behind a dynamic reservoir of ENERGY!

The Dream Body Wrap - The Dream Body wrap allows you to lay down and relax while the all-natural mineral solution works to achieve a slimmer more toned appearance, especially in the midsection, giving a slimmer looking profile. It works with gravity differently from how the stand up body wrap works, for maximum results. While wrapped in a warm blanket soaked in our special mineral solution, gentle massage stimulates circulation and soothes away stress for a relaxing and refreshing experience.

The Lipase (FAT BURNER) Body Wrap - This Lipase Body Wrap is performed in two stages back to back. This wrap is performed on clients that have already received our exclusive Slender tone mineral body wrap.

The Anti-Aging Body Wrap - The anti-aging wrap is designed to not only take off inches, improve your figure, and slenderize your contour, but also appear to take off years! If you haven't tried this new formula, you are in for a treat!